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Are you customer centric?

The foundation of any good business is its customer focus. It doesn’t matter if your systems are spot on, your product is desirable or even if you’re the best value proposition. If you’re not dialled in on what your customers want and need you won’t succeed.

So how have we gotten to the point where some of our largest and most successful businesses have truly taken their eye off the ball? They’ve forgotten that the customer/client is at the heart of everything they do.

You will have seen, a month or so ago, that a bank was systematically taking advantage of small businesses that skipped a loan payment or suffered a drop in sales. All businesses need to know what’s happening month to month, and that’s why making sure you only deal with people who are on your side is so important.

A broker is ideally placed to assist you in ensuring that you have the right finance for your business. They only succeed when their clients succeed. The client must be at the centre of everything they do. That’s why it’s faster, simpler and better to use a broker.

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