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An internet search for commercial finance draws over 43 million results

I am not kidding! So how do you choose whom you should work with? Research has shown that most people only click on listings on the first page or so but is a pretty website really the best benchmark for choosing a partner to assist in raising commercial finance?

I believe there are better factors to consider, such as track record, how long has the business been established, how many clients have they helped, who are their business partners, or what about a recommendation from a business colleague or a professional advisor?

Another important criteria, is the opportunity to meet a commercial finance broker face to face and without any obligation if you decide not to proceed. You would be surprised just how beneficial such a meeting is for a client. You can answer the questions you want in the order you want rather than filling in an online application form in the order the computer wants. You get a better understanding of the thinking and the approach of the people you are thinking of working with.

I am not against IT and internet; on the contrary, but every tool has its place.

If you like the way we think you will like the way we work.

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