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When the amount you need to borrow rises, not once, but twice, it’s good to have ASC on your side.

In some cases, getting finance can be pretty straightforward when everything goes to plan, but what about when it doesn’t? What happens if circumstances mean you need to borrow more than initially planned?

We know that when clients need a bit of a helping hand, ASC can really add its value. Dan Gateshill, ASC regional director in Hampshire, Dorset & IOW, received a request for finance from Mark, of Purrfect Pet Transport. Mark was then residing in Portugal and operating a boarding Kennels & Cattery, with the added service of transporting pets between destinations throughout Europe for their owners.

Looking to relocate back to the UK, Mark put his home and Kennels up for sale to use as the deposit for the purchase of the leasehold of Lower Hey Boarding Kennels & Cattery.

Dan Gateshill got straight to work and within 1 working day of submitting the application for a flexible business loan we received indicative terms of £70,000.

So far so good, but then the vendor increased the price of the property! Dan was able to leverage his relationship with the lender to negotiate an increased loan amount of £85,000.

When war broke out in Ukraine, Mark wanted to complete on the purchase even earlier – as it meant he could use the premises as a quarantine centre for abandoned animals. However, as his house in Portugal had not yet sold, he once again needed to borrow more!

ASC spoke to the bank, using our strong personal relationship with them, and explained the situation, asking to increase the loan to £100,000. ASC were able to persuade the bank to get the deal done.

Our client completed and is now happily settled into his new Boarding Kennels & Cattery base in Lower Hey. Check out Mark’s Facebook Page for more details.

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