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Access to every lender at your fingertips!

Which lender is the right one for your business finance?

There are so many different lenders – from the high street banks, to the specialist companies, through to peer-to-peer lenders. Each has a plethora of criteria for each sector – it can be a minefield just knowing who the right lender is for you. So what can ASC Finance do for you? We have longstanding relationships with a whole panel of lenders which we can approach for finance on your behalf. We ensure that you get the right finance for your business.

Don’t just take our word for it; here are some examples of deals we have recently completed with different lenders:

  • ASC arranged 100% finance of £1.1 million through a peer-to-peer lender for a new development of four houses
  • ASC were able to arrange finance through a high-street bank of £170,000 for an Indian takeaway business to purchase their freehold premises
  • We were able to raise £284,000 on a 10 year interest only mortgage for a client to buy-out an investor in an HMO property, and have further funds available for future investments
  • We raised £1,000,000 through a peer-to-peer lender for the purchase of a property at auction

Remember, you know the banks which don’t lend, we know the ones which do! Contact us today with no obligation to see how we can assist you in raising the right commercial finance for you.

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