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From my office based in Ipswich I am a commercial finance broker who can assist with business finance requirements for clients across Ipswich, Norwich, Kings Lynn, Bury St Edmunds, Great Yarmouth and surrounding areas. With nearly 35 years working in the banking and finance sector in the Norfolk and Suffolk region I am well placed to approach lenders for business finance on your behalf and find the right commercial finance for your small business.

Our focus is to arrange business finance and commercial finance for business people in Norfolk and surrounding areas. To put it simply; sensible finance for sensible deals at sensible rates. ASC are independent finance brokers and as an experienced professional our success is aligned with the success of our clients. As a commercial finance broker I have assisted a diverse range of clients with their business finance requirements. Why don’t you contact me to see how I can assist in raising the right business finance for you?

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Just in case you missed our previous message amongst the many updates on the new Data Protection regulations (GDPR), click here for detailed information on how ASC Finance for Business Regional Directors collect, use and protect data. It also gives information about the legal bases upon which they utilise it and your rights in connection with it.


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With my commercial finance background and experience as a business finance broker in Ipswich I can offer guidance and assist my clients to reach their goals and dreams and success in business.

As a commercial finance broker I have been able to assist clients with property development finance in Suffolk, business finance in King’s Lynn, commercial re-finance in Great Yarmouth, to just name a few.

My job as a commercial finance broker is to remove the ever increasing number of hurdles that are put in your path, by arranging business finance or commercial finance for you in a time-saving and more efficient manner.

Your time is precious, but you can save yourself from the frustration of endless form filling, repeated conversations with numerous lenders, and having to provide stacks and stacks of information.

We focus on arranging business finance for you whether you are based in Norfolk or Suffolk so you can concentrate on what is important i.e developing and growing your business.

Business Finance I have assisted clients with already

  • We helped secure £280,000 business finance raised for accountant for office premises.
  • £276,000 commercial finance for car parts wholesaler to relocate and expand business.
  • £500,000 property finance raised for experienced property investor in Suffolk.

See what my clients have to say

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“David’s personal approach and care which he provided from start to finish really reassured us, and he was able to arrange finance for us to purchase our guesthouse and set us on to our new stage of life”
– P. Mason

“David’s experience of working in the commercial finance sector really shone through, as he was able to refinance our commercial mortgage at a lower rate than what we previously had. Thanks again”
– E. Fox

“As an accountant, I’ve often introduced clients to David, and they’ve never been disappointed. So when I was presented with the opportunity to purchase our office freehold, I knew who to call.”
– E. Thompson

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A barn-storming deal!!!

When Carl Scott approached his financial adviser Claire Smith of SFM Mortgages Ltd in Ipswich in March 2009 he was quite despondent, having already tried his own and several other banks unsuccessfully to raise finance to develop land and buildings at his 16th Century Grade 2 listed farmhouse in the heart of rural Suffolk. His property includes a 300-year old Grade 2 listed granary barn of particular historical interest and an existing camp site on which Carl planned to erect 5 more eco-friendly barn-style units to create a holiday let complex. Claire suggested he speak to David Hall at ASC Norfolk & Suffolk.

The Granary Barn previously had permission for use as a holiday let, but this had lapsed and the barn still needed complete renovation and conversion. As Carl wanted to run the whole complex himself once completed and had experience of similar period property renovation projects and a successful property letting track record, David urged Carl to prepare a detailed business plan and financial projections, which were to run in tandem with an “in principle” agreement he had received for a grant to cover 50% of the funding from the local Rural Development Agency. While Carl continued to pursue the two planning applications for the barn and the land, David presented the case to ASC’s panel of lenders to try and attract some interest in the proposition.

Frustratingly several lenders showed strong interest and support locally, only to have the application declined once it was fully assessed by their centrally-based underwriters. They clearly didn’t appreciate the potential of the business situated as it is, right on the Suffolk Tourist Trail, and the fact that it had the support of his local MP and Council Leader who, along with East of England Tourism, felt it should generate up to half a million pounds of annual revenue for the region as a boost for other trades and businesses.

Not one to give up easily, David’s persistence finally paid off and he managed to find a lender who, unlike most these days, had some local discretion to agree lending themselves at the levels Carl needed. They understood the benefits of the venture and its green credentials, but as a condition needed the planning in place first. This proved to be extremely problematic and time-consuming however after much debate the plans were finally approved. A few weeks later, and nearly 2 years after originally seeing David, the funding was released. The barn is now completed and receiving bookings, with the remaining 5 units to be developed over the rest of this year.

Carl says; “Having been introduced to David about two years ago, I have been impressed by the sheer determination with which he worked on my behalf. Having fought to secure funding for half the development costs, we thought it was going to be fairly easy to gain support, but this was not the case. I have thrown everything into this project in order to create a boost for tourism in the region, and David just kept on until we struck gold. It is simple; if it wasn't for the strength of David's reputation and relationships with the lenders and his tenacity this would not be happening.”

ASC fuels new product launch

After research and development reduced most of the Veterinary Company's capital, additional funds were needed to launch their new product.  They specialise in medical and critical care vet products.

Chris Kenyon owns the company and ran a similar one in the USA for many years so he knew this UK venture was viable and had an internationally captive market. When his bank refused funding, Chris was shocked but Gary Zouvani (Enhanced Network, Norwich) recommended the expert help of David Hall ASC Director for Norfolk & Suffolk.

David saw the business potential and felt confident lenders would support the project if presented correctly. He worked with Chris to obtain a more comprehensive business plan and projections, and then approached ASC panel lenders. David found a suitable lender and attended the initial bank meeting, at which he persuaded them to support the venture using the Government’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme.

The loan was drawn down after a few weeks and the launch is going ahead as planned.  New product plans are underway and Chris said he would not hesitate to use ASC’s professional services again. “It was so frustrating to have a product we knew would sell globally and not be able to secure a loan to complete the final stage of manufacture. David guided us through what seemed to be an impenetrable maze to achieve a successful outcome. We are truly grateful to David and ASC for their efforts.”

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker - The Heart and Soul of our High Street

Our client was already operating a successful business and wanted to expand by buying another butchers. He could not find a bank to support him. ASC focussed on his track record, involving two other outlets which were both very successful and approached a bank we knew had the appetite for this type of transaction.

It was quite an astonishing experience for our client. All the banks they had approached seemed to focus on the failure of the unit he wanted to buy. They did not focus on the success of his existing operation. They could not understand that our client saw an opportunity to introduce his successful track record into the new unit. At ASC we try to understand what our clients really want and we try to get a clear grasp of their experience and success record so that we can approach our bankers.

From Salary to Celery

When Kelly and Despo McCarthy wanted to purchase their own village greengrocers shop they needed expert help in securing the finance they required. Not only did they require a residential mortgage to refinance their home to a buy-to-let, they also required a commercial mortgage against the shop! With only one lender interested in their proposal - their future was in the hands of ASC.

Kelly and Despo McCarthy had always dreamed of running their own business, so when the opportunity arose to purchase their own village's greengrocers shop, "Country Pickings" in Mundesley, Norfolk, they jumped at the chance. Kelly saw the potential to make his own mark on the long-established business and exploit his passion for quality food. With 2 young children and Kelly having to give up their only source of income, it was a big decision and they needed the right help. They approached their mortgage adviser, Tony Castle of Premier Mortgages in Norwich to help them refinance their home to a buy-to-let, so the family could move into the nearby shop premises. Tony was able to raise their deposit monies against their home, but they would also need a commercial mortgage against the shop, so he referred them to David Hall of ASC Norfolk & Suffolk.

Working closely with Tony and the clients, and armed with a detailed business plan and financial projections highlighting how they could expand and diversify the business, David only managed to obtain interest from a small number of lenders on the ASC panel. Many were not keen, or simply could not assist, due to the client's lack of experience in running a business, and also the fact that a large proportion of the business premises would comprise their home, making it a regulated mortgage.

ASC know lenders who are able to entertain such difficult propositions like these, and after explaining that the vendor would be staying on for an initial period of time to help them learn the ropes and bed themselves in, David persuaded one lender to meet with the clients. Following a satisfactory valuation, he finally received a full approval to the required facilities. After a relatively smooth legal process to dovetail completion of both the purchase and buy-to-let refinance, the client's took ownership. They have now started to bring in their own ideas, and have just enjoyed a very busy and successful Christmas period.

Kelly says, "We did not know where to start, but knew we could make it work. After speaking with David Hall of ASC the process moved on at a pace. After some great advice and honest opinions from David and Tony we are now six months down the line and business is better than we could have hoped for. We will always be eternally gratefully for all the help and advice given to us to get our dream off the ground".

Country Pickings - 19 High Street, Mundesley, Norfolk. Tel: 01263 720054.

No cash? No Problem!

Two brothers wanted to buy their father’s commercial investment property to enable him to semi-retire, with the ultimate goal of retaining the premises in family ownership. The only issue was the brothers didn’t have any cash contribution to put down, and therefore needed 100% funding for the £320,000 market price of the property. Their own investigations to find the necessary finance had proved fruitless, so their financial advisor recommended they speak to David Hall at ASC Norfolk & Suffolk.

After an initial meeting to discuss their situation and the proposals in more detail, they engaged ASC’s services to investigate the funding options available to them. Proving affordability of the loan requirement was not an issue due to the strong rental income the property derived from the existing long-standing commercial tenants who were to remain in place. As a result, David was soon successful in finding a lender from our extensive panel who was prepared to fund the full asking price by taking second charges as supporting security over the equity in their respective domestic residences in lieu of the usual cash deposit the brothers would be expected to contribute.

After a satisfactory valuation, and a lengthy period of legal due diligence, the deal was successfully completed and thanks to ASC the brothers are now the proud owners of the property, which has now stayed within the family.

Winning with the EFG scheme

Charlie Dalton had spent a few years building up Smart Offices Ltd, manufacturing and selling small office units for use in domestic gardens when he began investigating a new venture, Mini Offices Ltd, to provide the units on a rental basis. He tried several options to raise funds to develop a fleet of offices, but to no avail. FSB recruiter Stephen Jagger put him in touch with ASC Director David Hall in Norfolk & Suffolk to help.

When David met Charlie the idea was still in its infancy. David recommended he prepare a detailed business plan with financial projections, incorporating the existing business and how the two would complement each other. The plans took several months to complete by which time the recession had begun. With banks becoming increasingly cautious over projections, David reassured Charlie he could use the business plan to present a strong case to specific lenders.

He knew that Charlie's best chance was via the Government's newly launched Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme but most lenders would not assist. After detailed and proactive discussions one main lender said they would seriously consider the application. Encouraging the lender to meet Charlie on site helped influence the decision as they could immediately see the business potential.

After weeks of debate, a business and finance structure was agreed, and with several orders already signed up, the lender approved the facilities. As a condition, Charlie had to transfer Smart Offices' existing banking and lending but some orders were now urgent. David persuaded the lender to complete and transfer the loan facility before the main banking was transferred.

ASC managed applications from start to finish and David's continuing intervention proved invaluable to keep things on track, resolving inevitable issues along the route to completion.

Charlie couldn't be more grateful, "You helped us define the key financial requirements of our business and critical parts of our business planning. Your impressive insight got the right message to the right lender at the right time, even in the depths of a recession. Our business is swimming along nicely and we've got the financial clout we need now to grow the business as required. Thank you for your hard work and regular contact (even after we completed), determination, friendly and professional demeanour. Of course we are happy to recommend you and your service"


Some lenders prescribe as a condition of a loan that you must do all your business banking with them. Richard Kimbell was this situation with a large commercial unit in Market Harborough and he didn’t want to be restricted to it anymore. His IFA Richard Curtis (AMAS Ltd) referred him to ASC Director, David Hall, for help.

Richard wanted to refinance with more flexible terms and release capital for his new home accessory retail business, to purchase stock and create a new showroom for the run up to Christmas. His property had a ground floor tenant paying a good annual rent so he wanted to convert the empty first floor as a showroom to compliment his other main furniture warehouse.

David soon found a few lenders on the ASC panel who showed interest. A property valuation confirmed a higher than expected figure and a loan was approved for £1.3m.

With this increased loan, Richard’s requirements were met and all at no extra monthly cost.

Stressing urgency for the deal to complete, David worked closely with the lender and ensured early instruction of solicitors. Draw down came just 2 weeks after the offer and the new outlet opened in mid-November in good time for the Christmas and New Year sales period.

“Being a left handed dyslectic with very lateral tendencies, I found having David to translate my ideas and figures into a form that bankers could easily understand a tremendous asset. Coupled with his knowledge of the best people for my proposition, I had the luxury of 3 offers to choose from in a remarkably short time. Thank you David.”

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Why ASC?

You already know that arranging business finance can be a tricky experience.

We appreciate that your time is precious. With our extensive knowledge of business finance available in today’s SME market we can approach the lending institutions that are right for your business finance needs. You will be saved from the frustration of endless form filling, repeated conversations with numerous lenders, and save you from having to provide each different lender stacks and stacks of information.

Our job is to remove the ever increasing number of hurdles that are put in your path, by arranging business finance or commercial finance for you in a time-saving and more efficient manner.

ASC have been established for over forty years and we have experienced more recessions and ups and downs in the economy then we care to remember. Due to our clear focus on independent businesses and entrepreneurs we have developed a track record which is envied by our competitors. You will deal directly with an experienced Director who has a strong commercial background and real experience enabling him or her to find the business finance which is just right for your business.

It is easy to contact me because I work in the way which works best for you


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ASC is a National Association of Independent Business Finance Consultants operating under licence granted by ASC Partnership LTD. This office of ASC is independently owned and operated by Hallmark Financial Limited trading as ASC Finance for Business Suite 10 Saracens House 25 St Margaret's Green Ipswich Suffolk IP4 2BN. Registered Office: First Floor Acorn House Great Oaks Basildon Essex SS14 1AH. Registered in England No. 5971176. Consumer Credit Licence: 650919. Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated mortgages only.