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Your dream job is a possibility… just make it happen!

I read an article a few weeks back, which claimed that 62% of people would rather run a B&B than become an astronaut. While the lure of going into outer space might be every six year old child’s fantasy, it seemed that the allure of running your own B&B proved to be greater.

Although this discussion centred on a high paid but stressful job versus a low paid but easier lifestyle, it helps to demonstrate that the British B&B industry is thriving, and is currently worth around £2bn.

And we at ASC are not surprised. We have helped many people realise their dreams of owning and running guesthouses up and down the country. For example, earlier this year we helped Ian & Jennifer Spence to achieve their dreams and set up their own B&B, by purchasing the Dene House Guest house in Windermere.

If you are after a lifestyle change and have always dreamt about being in charge of your own business, speak to us – we might be able to help you secure the finance which you need to make it happen.

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