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Will the Political Parties offer anything for your business?

“We want to make Britain the best place in Europe and in the top five worldwide for ease of doing business”Matthew Hancock, Business Minister, Conservative Party

“We must make sure that small businesses all over the country have access to the finance they need to start up, thrive and grow”Lord Newby, Economic Spokesman, Liberal Democrats

“We will support the hundreds of thousands of small businesses whose innovation and dynamism will drive our economy forward” – Toby Perkins, Shadow Small Business Minister, Labour Party

Whether you are interested in politics or not, as a small business owner or entrepreneur, there is no denying the influence that the UK Government can have on your business -whether it is the specific laws which they introduce which directly impact on the day to day activities of your business, to how they handle the economy and the environment which that creates for you to operate in.

So with the upcoming election, we asked representatives from the three UK parties with the most seats to outline their plans for small businesses, and why you should vote for them on May 7th, so that you will have the important information to hand.

Click here for the Conservative Party’s Plans

Click here for the Labour Party’s Plans

Click here for the Liberal Democrats’ Plans

ASC Finance for Business have been successfully arranging business finance for small business owners for over 40 years, and we have done so throughout recessions and times of economic boom. When we are assisting clients with raising finance, we take the time to sit down with them face to face, in order to understand their requirements, and through these many conversations with small businesses, we have grown to appreciate what is important to each and every one. Which political party is most suitable for your business? Take a look through what they have to say, and decide for yourself.


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