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Will politicians finally help the small business owner?

Last week, we received a brief e-mail from the Conservative party, highlighting the importance of small businesses up and down the country:

“It’s small businesses like these that are creating jobs across the country, and giving more and more people the security of a pay packet each month.

We’re backing them wherever we can: cutting the jobs tax, getting rid of red tape, improving the infrastructure which is vital to their business.”

We at ASC Finance for Business agree with what they are saying, but we can help but think that it all sounds overly familiar. In fact, it’s the same rhetoric that we hear over and over again from all the political parties. Just for once, we’d love to see the politicians put themselves in the shoes of a small business owner – to understand the difficulties which they face, from jumping through hoops of red tape, to raising the finance which they need to grow their business. And to follow up the rhetoric with action which can make the real job creators of the economy prosper.

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