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Who is your favourite James Bond?

. . . a question that comes up a lot when a new 007 flick is about to hit the big screen. Fear not, this article is not a review of which James Bond actor is the epitome of a secret agent, although feel free to let us know if you have a favourite. This is in fact a reflection of how far Ian Fleming’s ‘franchise’ has developed.

Now in its 50th year, it must be one of the longest running film franchises ever. Worrying to think that because of funding it almost didn’t happen. And yes, there might be a grumble or two from the critics who despise the odd product placement (Daniel Craig holding a Heineken bottle), but one thing must be acknowledged, despite the financial setbacks the producers, actors and directors have managed to deliver another thriller in the form of ‘Skyfall’.

In spite of the financial obstructions, this franchise was determined to deliver and has done. There is a lesson here that should inspire entrepreneurs and businesses; if you truly believe that you have a successful idea you should seek finance and turn your project into a reality.

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