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What will 2020 bring for you? The ASC Winter Newsletter

We’re on the home stretch. We can all nearly let out that breath we’ve been holding. That’s right, the impossible has finally arrived – 2019 is nearly over. It’s been an undoubtedly tense year for businesses across the UK – we’ve gone from one dramatic twist to the next with nary a clue of what’s ahead. We’ve had multiple political storms, one literal storm, and an uncountable number of businesses who are undoubtedly thinking “what on earth next?”. Nor is it quite over yet, of course – we’re heading for the first December election in nearly a century, and nobody knows what that will bring.

With all of that, it would be easy for you to think that you should look on the coming of 2020 with a sense of dread. But here at ASC, we’d like to suggest otherwise. If you go into the new year expecting doom and gloom, doom and gloom is all you’re going to find. But if you go in with a solid plan of action and a positive attitude to your business, then there’s still real chance of success. Many companies are hunkering down and waiting to “weather the storm”, that’s true. But at the same time, where the big companies withdraw or lie stagnant leaves a great opportunity for small businesses to rush in and take up the slack. You can view the coming year as a time of terror to live in fear of, or as a season of opportunity to take your business to new heights.

Whatever you want out of 2020, though, you can always depend on us here at ASC. No matter what your business needs, we can help you find the finance to realise it. So just get in touch with us, and help your business head into the new year with its best foot forward!

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