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Understanding Small Business

We found it very interesting to read that a recent Opinium research survey about small business finance claimed that over two-thirds of small businesses felt that banks didn’t understand the challenges that small businesses face.

Now, as anyone who runs any business will tell you, be it a multi-national organisation or a local corner shop, understanding what your clients are looking for and the issues which they face is fundamentally important. So it is no wonder that some small businesses which we speak to on a daily basis feel disillusioned with the banks.

But it is not all doom and gloom. We arrange finance on a daily basis for many businesses, and we take the time to understand them. Moreover, we know that banks are still lending to small businesses. After all, the same survey stated that over half of finance to small businesses was still provided by banks.

So even if you don’t feel that the bank will understand you, speaking to a broker who understands your business and your requirements might be the right step in successfully obtaining the right finance for your business.

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