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Uncertain Economy? The perfect time for expansion!

If you had a chance to read our Newsletter last week, you’ll have seen us talking about how the world’s in a bit of a bind at the moment. With the economic situation uncertain and many businesses suffering, what’s a SME to do?

Well, here’s an interesting idea – rather than trying to “hunker down” and wait for better times, this is the perfect time for small businesses to be expanding! Anti-cyclical business strategies are an unorthodox strategy, but there is method to what seems like madness. In times like these, the value of various things often goes down – and it’s often the same sort of thing your business might need to expand. However, it’s rare for economic issues to last forever, which makes now the perfect time to invest in expansion. You can reap the rewards of an expanded business, without having to worry about the normal high costs associated with it.

Now, that might sound like just a pipe dream to you – who’s going to finance expansion whilst the economy might not be rock-solid? Well, here’s the thing – lenders know how those strategies work, and they’re perfectly happy to get behind them. In our 50 years of finance broking, we’ve seen economic turbulence aplenty. One thing that’s always true, though, is that where lenders see opportunity, they’ll put their funds behind it. So don’t let the current climate be a downer for your business – take it by the reins and push forward!

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