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Trust seems to be a very old fashioned word in today’s modern business world.

This really is a shame because trust used to be such an important ingredient of business relationships. You still have to trust your suppliers to deliver on time, you still have to trust your customers to pay their invoices, you still have to trust your professional advisors that looking after your best interests is really their only motive and of course you have to trust that your bankers and your financial advisers will look after you. It seems that the more that high tech communication is introduced the less that trust and common sense are being applied – just look at the number of forms and disclaimers you have to sign; or look at the voice message that tells you that phone conversations are being recorded!

We still believe that trust is important in the modern business world and I have every confidence that our clients trust us to arrange the right finance.

But there is another point and I would like to say “trust us”. We are seeing signs of growth, we are seeing signs of positive development. Many of our clients have decided to move forward and have identified opportunities. Yes it is still difficult to raise finance (but that’s what we are here for) and yes there is quite a lot of confusing, unreliable noise coming from our politicians. Trust in our expertise, trust in ASC to obtain the right finance for your business! The bank manager concept may have gone but ASC are still here.

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