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The value of customer service

The customer is always right.

This mantra used to be the cornerstone of any customer facing industry, from shops, to restaurants, to banks. Firms used to know the importance of treating customers correctly and providing good levels of customer service. But is it now a dying art?

One only needs to look at reviews of bad customer service to see where some companies go wrong. Money Mail award a Wooden Spoon award for the worst culprits in customer service. I’m sure you can guess at some of the companies that appear in their list – and it is no surprise to see a number of the banks making the cut.

Treating customers correctly shouldn’t be rocket science. From our experience, we know that customers are after straight-forward and direct communication. They don’t want to be kept on hold, and passed round from call centre to call centre, they just want to speak to somebody who can provide them with answers to their questions, and listen to their needs.

This is why our clients can speak to an experienced local director straight away, and not get transferred around the world from one person to another. Maybe companies, including the banks, who don’t treat their customers well, could learn a thing or two.

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