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I don’t know about you, but I quite like it when people recognise me and know my name.

It’s comforting when you walk into your local pub, restaurant or coffee shop, the staff remember you, know what you like to order, and are friendly. It just gives you the reassurance that they know who you are, and are looking after you – they will even take responsibility for you!

Sadly, it seems to be something which is disappearing more and more each day.

And this is especially so with larger organisations which use call centres. Even if you are dealing with them about a specific issue, you can never speak to the same person, cannot get a direct telephone number, and are passed around from one person to the other, never really getting the customer service you deserve. Just the other day I had to speak to my internet provider to sort out an issue. I had to speak to somebody initially to explain the issue (after having to speak to a machine first!), explain the issue to somebody in technical support, and then explain the issue a third time to somebody in billing!

So, if I was offered the choice between customer service like that, and a personal touch, I wouldn’t need to think too much.

I know which way I prefer.

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