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The need for Independents!

No, we are not wading in to the debate on Scotland’s future!

Rather, we wanted to praise the contribution of small and independent businesses to the local high street. In past blog posts, we’ve highlighted the need for independent shops, and what needs to be done to help stimulate growth in the UK high street. We also spoke to Bill Grimsey on his vision for what needed to be done to re-stimulate the local neighbourhood.

And amongst the calls for cheaper parking and the like, there is one theme which pops up repeatedly. The need to ensure that local high streets are not merely carbon copies of each other, but that they can provide shoppers with an array of independent shops and businesses. In a recent poll carried out by the Guardian and Kantar Retail, 71% of respondents claimed that a greater choice of independent businesses would mean that they would frequent their high street more often.

And while the Government has made some in-roads, with helping the high street, such as Small Business Saturday, which helped promote small businesses in the UK in December, there is still much more that could be done to support the local business and ensure that communities don’t lose their important identities.

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