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The Lost Restaurant

Have you noticed that most new restaurants are now chain restaurants? It seems that the only people who can open up a new restaurant are big chain operators. This is a real shame because the good old fashioned family restaurant, which made such an important contribution to the British leisure industry, is becoming rarer and rarer.

I’m actually not talking against chain restaurants because they do serve a useful purpose; very often they provide consistent quality, high standards of produce, reasonable pricing, a clean environment, and so on. But what they cannot provide is the personal ambience which only a family team can offer. There is clearly a place for family run leisure businesses and if you look around there are still many around – it’s just a little bit more difficult to find them especially in the larger cities.

But if you find them, try them because you will be surprised what great variety and quality is available. Our local and independent restaurants need our support, be it going out of your way to try them, or through helping their businesses grow, and that is why ASC are supporting initiatives like Small Business Saturday, looking to raise awareness for small restaurants and businesses alike.

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