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The joys of faster service

People like things to be quick.

We all want faster internet speeds. Faster deliveries. Quick service at a restaurant or coffee shop, or our questions answered as quickly as possible from any customer support team. As a society we are generally more demanding and more impatient when things take a long time. So, our expectations have risen and as a result we get frustrated when things take too long.

Take applying for business finance. Try to phone up and speak to your bank manager (if you still have one), and it’s likely that you might get passed on to a call centre or be put through to an online chat system on the other side of the world. By the time they ask you for any possible piece of information and get back to you the whole process can take weeks and weeks. And when we like things to be quick, that’s not what we expect.

We want things Faster. Simpler. Better

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