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The ideal bank manager – It’s not who you think it is!

He has been described as pompous, blustering, a snob, barely competent, and with an overdeveloped sense of importance. So he’s not someone who you’d think have what it takes to be described as a role model for the ideal bank manager (unless you have a really poor opinion of bank managers!). But that’s exactly what has happened.

Captain Mainwaring.

That’s right! The Dad’s Army character was described by George Osborne as a good example of a bank manager. “He was at the very centre of local life, knew all the businesses, knew the people who ran the businesses and was empowered to make judgements about who had a good idea.

And he makes a good point. The personal touch has disappeared, and in some cases the bank manager has disappeared completely, to be replaced by online forms and call centres. And despite his many faults, Captain Mainwaring knew how to provide the customer with a personal approach. And that is something which we at ASC ensure we do – offering straight forward communication with an experience director.

But is there a better example of a bank manager out there? Which other fictional characters who you’d love to (or hate to) see running the bank? We want your suggestions!

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