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The Government doesn’t know what it is doing to help small business!

Depending on your viewpoint, this may or may not surprise you.

For those of you who regularly read our blogs, you’ll know that we are not necessarily shocked by this. We have often said that politicians like to talk the talk when it comes to helping small businesses, but they don’t always back up their announcements with actions.
We read in the Independent, an interesting article by Rebecca Burn-Callander, which highlighted a survey that showed that half of politicians did not know the Government’s policies when it came to small businesses!

Now, we are not expecting MPs to know every minute detail of every policy, but considering the emphasis which is placed on helping businesses grow, you’d have thought that they would at least be familiar with the initiatives which are being proposed, and in fact are in place right now!

It simply highlights another case of empty rhetoric which is not backed up!

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