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The Demise of PowerPoint Presentations?

I came across an interesting article in the FT last week noting the existence of an ‘Anti PowerPoint’ (APPP) party in Switzerland. As strange as it may seem, this party is based on a very serious theory that wasted presentations are costing billions of Euros each year. This may sound a little farfetched, but I, like most other individuals have been subject to a fair few ‘power – point – less’ presentations in my time, designed with an array of coloured charts and graphs, which the majority of the time are as boring as the presenter reading the presentation. So the APPP could have a very serious point here. I am pleased to say we realised the ineffectiveness of PowerPoint presentations a long time ago and our ASC directors work with our philosophy which is still based on a person to person approach trying to find out what a client really needs.

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