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    Freedom from Freeholds? Leasehold Business Finance

    Freehold or leasehold? It’s the ultimate question when it comes down to property purchases. Do you want to pay substantially less for your property but have limited ownership, or do you want to fork out for the full ownership at a much greater cost? The right answer will depend on what you need, but the...

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  • Finance, Financial World, Loans

    Small loans, big loans, some the size of your head. Does size matter in finance?

    It wouldn’t be overly unfair to call business finance a “numbers game”. Whilst the most important thing in the business is undoubtedly personality, at the end of the day the fine details are often about the numbers. Exit fees, interest rates, monthly repayments and more all add up (no pun intended) to a full package...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Housing, Property

    Going, Going, Gone! The World of Auction Finance

    Buying a property at an auction isn’t exactly the “normal” way to acquire real estate. Properties usually come onto the auction market because they have been seized from their previous owners as collateral – usually as a result of non-payment of some form of debt. This makes property auctions a potentially lucrative way of buying...

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  • Housing, Property

    Centre of A-tenant-tion

    Do you know who your landlord is? For some, that’s an easy question – they rent from a private landlord who they can contact if needed. For others, it’s less so – many people in the UK rent either from or through estate agents and property management services, with no definite “landlord” to contact. This...

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