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So you want to grow your small business? What’s stopping you?

You could forgive small business owners for being pessimistic. Just look at the headlines in the news today. Recession. Rising Prices. International Conflicts. The list just seems to go on and on.

But despite this, despite the negative headlines, confidence amongst small business owners has never been stronger. In the results from a survey last month, the Federation of Small Businesses revealed that small business owners are not just confident, but their level of confidence is higher than it has ever been.

And 61% of small business owners suggested that not only were they confident about their business, but they were also expecting their business to grow in the next three years.

This is something which doesn’t shock us at ASC Finance for Business. Despite the negative headlines which have been in the press, the small business owners who we speak to directly on a regular basis are all positive about the economic outlook, and in particular their businesses and their prospects for growth. And that is part of the reason why they are speaking to us – in order to obtain the finance for their business which is going to help them make that next step and grow their business.

So if you are looking to grow your small business, what is stopping you? If it is access to finance, then contact your local ASC Director today, and see how you can get the right finance for your business.

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