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SME Finance – “It’s about awareness and access”

Just yesterday, we wrote about how finance for small businesses is actually available. It’s not the impression that we necessarily get from our surroundings: the high street banks don’t seem to be lending, and have made it harder to access funds, and the general pessimistic view of the economy helps to paint the view that it is impossible for small businesses to access finance.

But we know that there are funds available for small businesses and entrepreneurs. And we agree with the sentiment of Marcus Grimshaw, the Chairman of the NACFB:

“Despite various lending initiatives and awareness campaigns to make it easier for SMEs to borrow, small businesses still face significant challenges when it comes to securing finance.”

“The issue, however, is not availability of funds. It’s about awareness and access. Many SME lenders are specialists that don’t have a high street presence, so it’s difficult and time consuming for small businesses to track them down.”

Which is why using a broker, like ASC finance, can help small businesses have access to several lenders and can ensure that they know the options available to them. There are many more options available beyond the local bank and the payday loan dealer! To find out more, speak to an experienced director today.

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