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Size does matter.

When you sit down in the evening and put on the news, you expect the worst. I can’t recall the last time a news reader said something positive, and then they turn their attention to businesses and you start to wonder who is going to be the next high street chain to go into administration.

But, and there is always a ‘but’ – I think this gives SMEs a great opportunity. Working at the heart of small businesses for over 40 years gives me a slightly biased opinion, nevertheless without the corporate competition of ‘money off incentives’, the local independent will once again, flourish.

Social enterprises, young entrepreneurs, pop-up shops, independents and business minded opportunists all have chance to take advantage of the vacant high street shops and bring some personality back to our local towns.

In case you haven’t gathered, we support the local business and think that the SME community faces exciting times ahead.

Of course this is the perfect time to mention what we do and drop in a small plug. At ASC we help anyone looking to grow or expand a business and provide the assistance they need to apply for business finance. We’ve been successful at doing this for over four decades and therefore, we know the right people.

Let us know if you are thinking of starting or expanding your business, we would love to help.

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