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Property Finance

Pension Finance (SIPP & SSAS)

Buying a commercial property is no small venture. It can be an expensive purchase that could have many potential hidden costs. That’s why many businesses nowadays try and offset some of the costs by buying their commercial property through setting up a SIPP or SSAS pension. With rent and costs relating to your property tax deductible when bought through a SIPP or SSAS, this can be a useful way to buy a property.

Arranging finance for a commercial property through a SIPP or SSAS is not always as simple as it seems. When you apply for finance using a SIPP or SSAS, there are many different factors for lenders to consider, and there’s no guarantee of success. You have to make sure that you have enough liquidity and assets in your pension and know how this purchase will affect your assets, among many other considerations.

That’s where ASC can help. Your local ASC Director will sit down with you and have a frank and honest discussion about your plans. We will help you figure out your objectives and help you plan a proposal that will tick the right boxes for the right lenders. We know exactly which lenders will provide the right finance for your pension scheme, and know how to present your proposal to the decision-makers. Remember, we focus on the finance – you focus on your property purchase.