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Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme

The Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme exists to help encourage lending to small businesses which may otherwise lack the security that most lenders require. Their much more open requirements can be a very a useful boon for business owners looking to raise business finance that might struggle elsewhere.

This doesn’t mean the scheme is the “easy route” to business finance, though. There are still criteria your business has to fulfil in order to qualify. You will also still need to fight just as hard to be accepted for finance as you would for any more traditional lender. Helping you win that fight is what ASC are here for.

We know what lenders are looking for from businesses applying for finance through the scheme. We can help you tailor your application to the right lenders in the right way to maximise your chances of success.

ASC can help you find a variety of loans through the EFG Scheme:

  • Finance for viable Small Businesses
  • Finance for Working Capital
  • Finance to Purchase Assets to aid Expansion Plans
  • Unsecured Business Loans

Your local ASC director knows the lenders in your area. They can help you navigate through the various hoops which your business will have to jump through in order to secure finance for your business through the EFG and other financial schemes. With the help of ASC, your business can get the finance they need to develop and make themselves attractive to lenders across the spectrum.

So, if you want to make your finance journey faster, simpler, better – there’s just two things you need to do:

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2. Let us do the hard work.

We’ll handle the finance, so you can focus on what really matters – your business!