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Rail fare rises are not on track for small businesses

We’ve written before about the UK’s high train fares, and how they impact negatively on small businesses up and down the country.

The UK has some of the highest train fares in Europe, and these are going to increase by 3.5% in 2015. That’s another significant increase which prevents people from travelling up and down the country, and inhibits small businesses from growth. One only needs to glance at some of the comments and prices on social media to get an idea about how things have got out of control! One user commented that their rail season ticket was over £1,000 more than a new car purchase.

It is one thing for a large multinational corporation to spend hundreds of pounds on a single train journey for a business meeting, but small businesses can no longer afford to do so. For many small businesses and entrepreneurs, keeping costs down is a necessity – they cannot afford to lay out such expenses on something which shouldn’t be so costly!

It’s a simple premise – travel is key to tourism, business and lifestyle (and that’s not even starting on any environmental benefits). If the Government really want to open up the country to facilitate business and trade, then preventing the continued increase in rail fares would be a good place to start.

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