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Press 1 for time wasting

We’ve all had this when we call our bank, ‘Press 1 to connect to a personal advisor. Press 2 to connect to a platinum advisor. Press…’ ad infinitum. It makes us want to mash the keypad in frustration.

You’d think that a better bet would be to pop into your bank. Probably not. Huge queues, no desks, and machines where people used to be. Wouldn’t it be better if you could talk to someone and tell them what you need, and for them to come back and say ‘I will do this for you’? Of course it would be.

When you use a professional broker to help you access funds, you benefit from their dedicated personal attention and expertise. You want to talk to someone who will deal with your application personally. You don’t want to talk to someone with the job title of ‘Centre Head of Customer Due Diligence’.

If you’re thinking of applying for business finance, ask yourself the question, ‘when did I last speak to my bank manager?’.

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