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Pedalling bad regulations – Why we need more common sense!

This morning a work colleague, who uses the cycle scheme to commute, found that somebody left their keys in the docking station. Being helpful, he took them and rang the cycle scheme (each key has an ID which can be traced, so they can contact the user), and asked them to give our office number to the key holder so we could keep them safe until they rang us to collect them. 

I was shocked by the response I heard “I’m sorry, we cannot give them your number, it’s our policy”. When we told them that they had permission to give out our number, they still refused, insisting that the only way to get the keys back to them, was to drop them into a police station across town. 

Whilst I understand the need for data confidentiality, surely they could have used some common sense. Letting the poor person who lost their keys speak to us directly and to collect their keys opposite from where they lost them is surely much more sensible, than trekking across town and adding further steps in the chain of communication! 

Sometimes regulations are there to help – sometimes we just need some more common sense!

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