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Not enough bucks for the local boutique!

In a small Hertfordshire market town, the boutique shops and eateries are prevalent and that’s how the locals like it. So when a successful independent coffee shop wanted to expand into the vacant space next door it applied to the council in the appropriate fashion. The application was rejected for reasons unknown.
A few months later and the coffee shop had some new neighbours in the form of Starbucks, who had made a sizeable five figure donation to the council in order to gain a swift approval to convert the current shop into another franchise.
News quickly spread about the tactical bullying from the American coffee franchise and many people came out in support of the small locally owned coffee shop by deciding to exclusively shop there.
In an economy where we are meant to be encouraging small business growth it seems contradictory that we allow a global franchise to open next door, especially when they don’t contribute to corporation tax, but that’s another story.
What would you prefer? The personal service of a local independent or standardised corporate jargon?

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