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New Year, New Look, The Same Mission

So, you might have noticed that something’s been a bit different on ASC’s website recently. Gone are the sedate reds and blues, no more are the sliding buttons, banished are the info pop-ups. This might have clued you into the fact that we’ve fully rebranded ASC! You’ll see our new yellow and black branding rolling out across the UK in the next few months.

With the new branding also comes a complete website overhaul – we’ve completely restructured the site to make our online presence significantly more user-friendly. With our new finance type pages, more accurate search functions and easy-to-navigate menus, finding what you need from ASC is now much easier!

However, you needn’t be afraid that we’ve changed absolutely everything. Just because we’ve put a new coat of paint on ourselves doesn’t mean we aren’t the same old reliable ASC. We’ve still got 50 years of experience finding SMEs finance, so we still know exactly how to get the finance that’s right for you. We’ve always been the faster, simpler, better option for business finance – now we just look like it too!


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