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Mirror Mirror on the wall – who’s the best risk advisor of them all (RBS?)

We all know about the RBS story – what happened and why it happened. Fair enough in a way that’s history and RBS is in good company with the other banks. I do like their marketing though. If you read their marketing you believe the world is in order and RBS is the saviour of small businesses. I can stomach this to a degree because I know they are trying to get more business in.

Where it gets absurd is when RBS is spending money to publish their credentials as "Advisors for Innovation and Managing Risk". I am not kidding . In their glossy magazine called ‘In Focus’ which appears in Management Today, RBS is stressing its virtues in managing risk. I just have a simple question – who would want to take advice from RBS about risk management? I don’t think their track record is an endorsement and I wonder if they should focus on different areas of marketing.

What do you think?

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