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Manufacturing; UK vs. China – are we really that different?

This month we’re focusing on Finance for Manufacturing. And where better to look than one of the fastest growing economies in the world, famous for exporting goods on a colossal scale?
If you like numbers, there here are some that are frankly mind blowing; China manufactures 63% of the world’s shoes and 70% of the world’s mobile phones amongst hundreds of other things, promoting them to the world’s second-largest economy.
The real question is what is the secret to growing their manufacturing at such a rapid rate and boosting their economy when British manufacturing businesses seem to struggle. The short answer is ‘support’.
China simply invests heavily and supports their manufacturing, from small to large companies alike. Their support comes from public, from the banks, from the community.
If British manufacturing wants to grow, the banks need to invest and support the sector. Fortunately our focus this month is manufacturing and although we cover all aspects of business and commercial finance we also know the specialist lenders and banks that will support finance applications for British manufacturing businesses.
Let us know if you think that investing in British Manufacturing is a good idea.
Call us if you are looking for finance in the Manufacturing sector as we have developed a unique knowledge for successfully arranging business finance for business people.
Don’t forget; the Bank Manager has disappeared – ASC are still here!

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