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Manufacturing in Britain: Not stuck in 2nd Gear

British manufacturing can sometimes get a bad reputation. However anybody who watched the last episode of the latest season of Top Gear will know that the British manufacturing industry is still going strong. Clarkson and the team invited the manufactures of cars made in Britain to drive down to London to assemble on the Mall – the collection included cars from Honda, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Mini, JCB, Formula 1 cars from McLaren, Red Bull and Mercedes-Benz, as well as ice cream trucks and lawn mowers, and shows the world that British manufacturing is still going strong.

Through the deals we have helped arrange for British manufacturers, we can confirm what the Top Gear team was trying to show – that the British manufacturing industry is still in a position of strength. We continue to help raise finance for British manufacturers who are looking to expand and grow their businesses.

Call us if you are looking for finance in the manufacturing sector as we have developed a unique knowledge for successfully arranging business finance for business people.

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