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Looking Backwards and Forwards

2018 was an interesting year. With Brexit on the horizon and the markets potentially in turmoil, the financial world has had to be ready for big changes at a moment’s notice. For once The Budget didn’t bring major changes, but it did come with the caveat that it might need to be completely redone! With all the nerves and negativity around, it’s easy to view 2018 as a year of “doom and gloom” that will continue into 2019.

The finance market also had its share of bad news for borrowers. In the last year, the Bank of England announced a second rise in the base rate of interest, bringing it up to 0.75%, making loans costlier for borrowers nationwide. However, it’s not all bad – they also revealed that there are now more than 300 available lenders in the UK for finance-seekers to take advantage of.

2018 was a year of change at ASC, as well. We bid goodbye to some of longest-standing Regional Directors and Consultants, all with over 20 years of experience, as they head off to enjoy their retirement. We also had new faces joining us, welcoming multiple new Regional Directors across the UK and many new staff at our Head Office in London. Plus, of course, our all-new company branding.

So, what will 2019 bring? It’s hard to say for certain. With the political and economic situations up in the air, we still have to be prepared for any eventuality. But, with the SME market growing 5 times faster than its corporate equivalent, one thing’s for certain. SMEs are going to need finance, and we’re going to continue to help them get the money they need faster, simpler, better than their other options.

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