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Is it time to stop the bank bashing?

We read an interesting article in City AM yesterday, which stated that banks, with their unwillingness to lend finance, were to blame for costing small businesses up to £2.9billion of potential turnover over the last five years.

Now, although bank bashing is currently quite a popular pastime, we’ll go against this and say that singling out the banks is a little harsh. We work with small business owners and entrepreneurs on a daily basis, and approach a variety of different lenders for finance, from the main High Street banks, to the more niche and specialist lenders as well. With our finger on the pulse, we can say that there are funds available to small business owners, even from the traditional banks that are often lambasted in the press.

Take it from us – Finance is available; it is about knowing where to go – something which is not always obvious to a hard-working and time-pressed small business owner. But trust us – with over 40 years’ experience, we know that finance is obtainable.

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