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How long do you think it takes to get a mortgage appointment?

We decided to conduct a little experiment yesterday day. We popped into our local bank and asked to make a mortgage appointment. You’d have thought that the bank would be quite happy about this. A customer is standing in their branch, and wants to become a customer. Surely they would be overjoyed at this, and bending over backwards to try and accommodate the potential customer. I’m sure you would do the same with your business – you’re unlikely to get a better opportunity to make a sale and to acquire a new customer.

But when we wanted to book an appointment we were shocked. Nothing in the next few days! And they could only see us at the end of the week, but at 2.30pm – not so useful for those who have jobs or like you are running their business. The next sensible time we were able to get an appointment for was over two weeks away! Surely getting finance shouldn’t be so difficult.

And it’s a symptom of the wider problem which some large banks face. At the moment they don’t make it easy to get finance. And whilst they shouldn’t be handing out finance to every Tom, Dick and Harry who walks in the door, they need to make finance accessible for those businesses with sensible business plans and those which can afford the business loans in the first place.

What do you think?

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