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Have you got what it takes?

At ASC we have spent years working with entrepreneurs to source the finance they need to get their projects off the ground. But what is better, to encourage entrepreneurs or to encourage entrepreneurial thinking?

Small and Medium sized enterprises are hugely important to the recovery of the economy which is why I think we should look at the traits of entrepreneurs to find out why they become successful.

One thing is for sure; an entrepreneur has the desire and optimism to succeed but also the vision that everything is possible. Sometimes they are described as risk takers, but we think it’s a clear vision and determination for their project which makes them successful.

Encouraging people to start their own businesses will help alleviate some of the financial problems that the government faces; encouraging everyone to think entrepreneurially (i.e. to become more confident and positive) might be the key.

Agree or disagree? We would like to know. 

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