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Guess who is dispensing an array of marketing advice?

I received the following mailshot the other day – I am just quoting some sentences which I found fascinating:

Following the economic crisis….customers want to enjoy a meaningful relationship with the companies they choose to engage with.’

‘Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using technology as a way of making customers feel valued.’

‘I strongly believe that today’s consumers value honesty above all else….it’s about mutual respect.’

‘Trust, loyalty and empathy matter to your customers and ultimately to your success.’

Now I will let you have three guesses which industry the mailshot is coming from:

1. Second hand car salesman
2. Business banker
3. Life assurance salesman

I think you can guess who published the above. I just love it when I receive such emails which are so removed from the truth. Based on our experience I can only suggest that deeds speak louder than words. Trust has to be earned – one has to deliver first and then write later. Writing first when the track record confirms that you don’t deliver does not endear you to today’s modern customer – and by the way this is a bank which publishes, for example, lending criteria of up to 70-75% for an investment property, but when applying, their internal & unpublished criteria you normally won’t be able to obtain more than 50%! I’d love to hear your opinion

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