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Good News or Bad News – High Street Closure Rates

Another set of “de-motivating” statistics have been released. Apparently Britain’s high streets are losing 14 stores a day as retailers struggle.

Of course this is bad news but like everything in business there is positive news on the other side of the coin. Now is a brilliant time to start a retail business because landlords will be extremely flexible and keen to offer advantageous terms. There are many businesses that still require a retail presence: hairdressers, nail bars, coffee shops, restaurants, to name a few. There are many other businesses which require a “property presence” and cannot be run via the internet, for example: children’s nurseries, physiotherapists, car repairs to name a few more. Some of those businesses enjoy good trading prospects despite the doom and gloom. So if you have an idea talk to professional advisors and find out if it is a viable idea. Many professional advisors – ASC included – are happy to hold the initial meeting without any obligations which offers you the opportunity to find out how to take matters further.

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