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Funding for businesses is doomed – here’s why

So many hardworking business owners struggle to get the right finance for their business. There are so many good initiatives which are simply rejected when banks are approached.

If a bank feels that a University Lecturer has no relevant experience to run a News Agent and that he is too risky then no government initiative will ever change that. The same applies if a bank thinks that the local seaside guest house is a risk, again, no amount of reduction in the funding costs will alter their thinking. These are typical scenarios that banks are regularly passing up.

We believe these are good deals.  Banks should queue up to lend on these ventures, yet the reality is that there are so many hurdles and obstacles thrown in, that it is not cost effective for an individual to deal with a lender.

And yes, that is where we come in. We know the lenders who will support deals like this and are able to help and organise the right finance. The examples above are real cases which all resulted in ASC finding the right finance for our client’s projects.

The journey dealing with banks is not easy, but with the right support you can complete the journey much easier than if you were to go it alone.

Let us know if you need to commercial finance and we’ll do the rest.

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