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Economic Advisor required – No experience necessary?

What springs to mind when you hear the word politician? Apart from the ‘obvious’ we may think graduate, well educated, articulate and possibly sympathetic to the nation (well, the last one may prove debatable) but one adjective that is generally missing is ‘experienced’ – something that we all know comes with age.

Have you noticed the trend that at each political conference there is a speech by a teenager? All the political parties are the same! It is mind boggling to think that 16 year olds are discussing the economy, the country’s welfare, tuition fees and the job market – and all I find myself asking is why? In the days when there were jobs that needed filling it was not unusual to see “No experience required”. This now seems to be the attitude of the parties when they are selecting candidates, too many of our modern politicians have known no work other than politics, which brings me back to our teenage political gurus who lecture at the conferences – they have never earned a living, paid tax or brought up kids – both the teenagers and the politicians are disconnected from the ‘real’ world. In fact, one senior politician admitted to our MD recently that he has never filled in a mortgage application form: surely the right man to help supervising the banks? .

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