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Downing Street: “It’s never been easier to set up a business”

“It’s never been easier to set up a business” was the latest message released from the government.

You’re probably now starting to think of the next ‘fad’ or business idea that’s going to take the world by storm, but there are a few things you should know. It’s not that we want to put a damper on your enthusiasm but more a realistic view of the small print.

Here’s how we explain it; yes, it is pretty easy to set up a business but only if you meet the following conditions:

• You don’t need any capital
• You don’t employ any staff
• You don’t need office or shop premises
• You don’t get caught by regulations and red tape

If you meet these four criteria then it’s pretty easy. If you do not meet any of them then starting your own business is a pretty tough job and whilst on the philosophical level everybody encourages business start-ups as they are an important driver of our economy, on a practical level it seems that there is little support.

We would love to hear if you are thinking of starting your business or have gone through the process.

Just how ‘easy’ is it?

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