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Double Dutch or Triple A (AAA)

Double Dutch is certainly right! Dipping in and out of recession since 2008 – not a lot comes as a surprise anymore – but what is happening to the global economy is certainly Double Dutch. Clearly nobody knows what is going on – the only thing we know is that the ‘clever’ guys, in this case the bankers, have not been so clever after all and have made some pretty bad business decisions. The question on our mind is how is it going to affect us all?

Bearing in mind that these are probably the same folk who are now assessing your application for finance – the likelihood of it being granted is slim. It looks as though they will probably just add more obstacles in your ability to run and develop your business (whatever the politicians may say). It is slightly worrying to think those same folk are in charge of whether you receive a yes or no in your finance request and it is worth having a think about what implications their foolishness may have on your application. Or put it another way: Put two and two together and you get..

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