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Do you like call centres? Yes or No?

If you are one of the few who answered “Yes”, then you can stop reading. And if not, then you might like what we have to say.

“Your call has been placed in a queue and will be answered shortly…”

Thank you for calling the cinema. If you would like to book tickets, press 1. For opening times, press 2”.

It seems as if human contact is slowly being driven out of society. You can hardly phone a business without having to speak to a machine first. Admittedly, sometimes these systems can work well, but there are other times when you just want to speak to a human being. Take self-service check-outs at supermarkets, they can work great and speed up your weekly shop, but if something goes wrong the machine just stops and repeats itself! “Unexpected item in the bagging area!” There are clearly times when you want to be able to deal with a human – and have somebody able to talk to and apply common sense to a situation, something a machine will never be able to do. (I’ll admit that some larger organisations are so enshrouded in regulation and procedure that even if you get to speak to a person, they still cannot use common sense, but that is a different discussion!)

And obtaining business finance is no different. Quite often, you need to talk to somebody and ask them direct questions, and not have to go through several options on a machine first. And it is useful having one point of contact that you can phone up and speak to directly, instead of being passed around an office like an object.

This is the approach we adopt with ASC. You can speak directly to an experienced director who can guide you through the process from start to finish. No call centres, no machines – just straight and direct communication.

So if you are looking for finance for your business, and want to deal with a human rather than a call centre, find out more about how ASC can help you.

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