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Do you like Banks?

I think by now there is hardly any business person or entrepreneur who would answer this question with a yes. Bank bashing continues in full swing but we don’t believe that this is the solution – it may just help us to get things off our chest.

Yes, banks are still operating with extremely confusing and restrictive lending criteria; on the other hand nobody wants to go back to the days of 2005 or 2006 when money was thrown at anybody and anything without any prudence. So the upshot of it all is that organising business finance remains a painful prospect destined for one rejection after the other. We can only advise one thing: ‘if something hurts – stop doing it’. Organising business finance is something we specialise in and we will take all the hassle and pain away from you so that you can concentrate on running and developing your business.

Whilst raising business finance is no joking matter that doesn’t mean that we all have to stop having a giggle. Let’s do something positive and constructive in relation to the bank bashing debate. For that reason we have introduced a competition in June: Tell us your best ‘bankers joke’ and we will give a prize of £100 to the best story – for further details please go to our website or Facebook site. Rather than dwelling on negative stories let’s hear something positive or at least funny.

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