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Do you know your customers?

A throw away phrase during the Olympics about British mentality and how to communicate with the locals prompted the following thought; when you go to a pub it is very easy to speak to the person next to you and even buy them a beer and have a good chat. If you then go on the train and try to initiate a conversation with a stranger, are you shocked if they ignore you? Of course not – on the contrary!

And that is the simple message about knowing your customer. There are different circumstances and scenarios where people react differently and it is the skill of a good professional to understand and act accordingly – knowing your customer is not something which can be done by filling in forms or by receiving a “tick” from some regulatory authority. It is hard work and it needs a great deal of experience and know-how.

At ASC we know how small businesses operate and are able to access key lenders which enables us to offer attractive and intelligent solutions to business finance needs. Whilst we focus on arranging the right finance for your business, you can focus on operating and developing your business.
Your Bank Manager may have disappeared but ASC are still here. Whatever your needs – to acquire a business, to expand a business, or to re-structure existing arrangements – speak to me in the first instance – there is no obligation.

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