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Do you deserve a small business MBE?

Most of the headlines around the New Year Honours List focused around the celebrities. David Beckham and Andy Murray missed out. Katherine Jenkins, Karen Brady and Ruth Jones were all acknowledged.

One thing which we noticed, and was picked up on by some of the media; David Cameron’s hairdresser received an MBE in the list, receiving the award for their “services to hairdressing”. Now, I don’t know much about the individual in question – I’m sure that they have been a great hairdresser over the years – but it does raise one serious question. Why does somebody deserve an MBE for simply doing their job?

There are many people who carry out their jobs with pride and determination, and who benefit their communities much more than a hairdresser for the rich and famous – one example being small business owners (and that isn’t even touching on professions like teachers, nurses and care workers!) The majority of small business owners are pivotal to their communities – just speaking to one will tell you the hours and hours of hard work they have put in to their businesses, sometimes just to survive from one week to the next. They are responsible for creating jobs and ploughing money back into their local communities. They are also likely to help out other small businesses (by working together and having favourable credit terms). And, they are more likely to pay their taxes (which is again a different discussion in its own right!)

So who do we really want to thank for their services to the country? At ASC, we know who we think are more important.

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