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Do you agree with Lord Digby Jones?

The former head of the CBI, Lord Digby Jones claimed that over a third of small businesses are being turned down for finance.

He also claimed that firms were being put off applying for, and accepting bank offers due to the terms and conditions which lenders were sometimes requiring.

This isn’t new information. We all know that banks can sometimes be out of touch with their customers, putting them through call-centres, and losing that personal touch. How many people can still say that they have a bank manager at all, let alone one which knows their name and their business?

We know that there is finance available for small businesses; it is simply a question of accessing it. (Forgive the plug, but simply looking at our recent deals shows that finance can be arranged!)

As Lord Digby Jones mentioned, it is important for banks to return to a model of “local engagement” – the customer wants a personal touch, and without that, they will be driven further and further away.

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